Annual Calendar


We welcome the new beginning with a positive note and celebrate New Year Day with great zeal. After having pre-experience of corporate interface program, junior student managers go for marketing practical where they get to explore the market and gain some learnings .

The month is very special for senior student managers as they are convoked.

They restore all the memories of two years with them.

Beside some regional festivals such as Pongal, Lohri etc. are celebrated with full vigor. Republic Day is celebrated to ignite the integrity within us.


We proudly declare that we almost have done with the placement by the end of this month. We strive hard to get each student placed with quality placement.
Sooner the semester exam starts by the end of this month.


We conduct semester exams after the completion of the syllabus. We get over with all semester exams by the end of this month.

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The hues of happiness and joy scatter across the campus. Gudi Parwa is celebrated to welcome the new year in the Hindu community.


With two years of glorious journey, a cornucopia of memories, satisfaction in the heart and tears of happiness, senior student managers depart with a blissful farewell.


Our new session commences on 8th June every year. Unlike other b-schools, we organize two months of induction for student managers where they are groomed with the guest lectures from the eminent personality of the corporate world. Apart from this, we organize several personality development sessions, meditation classes, and business presentation along with regular classes to make all the new student managers come to a common platform.

Physical and mental fitness is must for a positive growth thus we celebrate Yoga Day for the overall well-being


Senior student managers start to come from their internships with the huge amount of learning and experiences. We capture all those bags of experience and made it displayed to all student managers through our social media pages.

A major festival of culture takes place in the college every year in the name of Aiyaswamy Culturals where new buds, which were divided into 15 different rivers, showcase their talent in various field as singing, folk & western dance, virtuoso, fashion show etc. The winning team gets the accolade of a trip to Goa with a cash prize of 1.5 lacs.

To let the new leaves of BIMHRD to interact with all the component of the institute, we provide a platform as NEW LEAF on social media page in which we shot a small video of new student managers to get the overview of their first interaction with the institute.


The student managers interact with each other and develop some beautiful bonds among them. So, we celebrate Friendship day to strengthen these knots of friendship. Similarly, some relations develop in the form of brother-sister.

We cherish those bonds on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

We should always remember the martyrs who sacrificed their life for the freedom. We celebrate Independence day to nourish the seed of patriotism inside the student managers.


After two months of rigorous induction period, all the student managers are given their classes based on the specialization. We organize cultural event in the form of Fresher’s Party where again winning class from all the four institutes get the cash prize of 1.5 lacs along with the trip to Goa.

The junior students managers go for their first corporate visit viz. Corporate Interface Program where they get the opportunity to interact directly to the people at senior position in the organization.

Teachers are the guiding light for the students so that they could easily move toward their defined destination. We celebrate teachers’ day on 5 th September every year.

As our college is located in the lap of Maharashtra, festival Ganesh Chaturdashi is of great significance. We all pray lord Ganpati to bless us with wisdom and contentment.


We organize National Business Conference – Adhisthan for 3-4 days where eminent personality from the corporate world deliver their valuable experience of industries and shower learning to the student managers which will help them to survive in the current VUCA world.

On the occasion of Durga Puja, we establish beautiful statue of goddess Durga in our lawn which spreads the positive & powerful vibes all over the campus. We worship and bid her after Dussehra with a grand celebration.


After completion of internals of almost all subjects, we head toward the semester exam which continued till December end.

Junior student managers go for some industrial visit to get deeper insight of the industry.

We celebrate the festivals of lights- Diwali where whole campus get illuminated with diyas and lights which is spectacular We distributes sweets to each other and celebrate this festival like a whole family.


Another major event after Aiyaswamy is DRISHTI which is more of meeting of many talents under one roof. It is inter-college competition where participants from different colleges come and showcase their talents. Winner of the event gets the prize of 1 lac along with Goa trip.

Placement of senior student managers take a great pace in the beginning of this months. We capture experience of placed students for two years as placement stories and made it available for student managers to read these inspirational journey on various social media platform.

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