Life at BIMHRD

They say that an MBA makes men out of boys’ lady out of girls at least professionally. It’s a fact that the two years of your MBA were the most formative of your life, filled with learning and valuable life lessons. However, these two years weren’t easy; in fact, they were meant to be anything but. The B-school experience felt like an exam you didn’t prepare for, even as the tape recorder of your life pressed its fast-forward button daily. Chaos was the new order. And when your life is in chaos, you have no option but to fall in love with the madness. As you mellowed down, you learned that it was best to take everything in the B-school phase with an open mind, a willingness to learn, a pinch of salt, and a smile.

Student Committee’s
Student committees are an important part of the learning and cultural environment. Formed by functional or industry interest areas, and driven by students, the committees’ help you stay connected with the latest development in these areas.

Students participate in competitions held throughout the year. Be it business plan competitions or global student awards, Debates and many more. Our students have excelled in diverse categories and brought laurels to the School.

Corporate Projects and Internships
As they say in B-school portals, your resume is the single most important piece of paper you’ll have for the coming two years of MBA. Students of BIMHRD are serious about their career and try to improve their resumes by applying to and working for corporate projects and part-time or virtual internships.

One of the main reasons people do an MBA is to increase the number of people in their network — not just who they know, but who they can depend upon. Much of the networking and contact-building happens in informal events — Two-month induction, parties (a lot of them), weekend trips, excursions — and also within the group of people you share   your dorm/apartment with.

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