Sri Balaji University ( is an institution of excellence in Pune. The university is running under the able guidance and leadership of its founding father and Chancellor, Prof. Dr. (Col). A. Balasubramanian. The university at present has four management institutions: Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM), Balaji Institute of Telecom Management (BITM), Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB) and Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resources Development (BIMHRD). Apart from these four institutions it also has a law college – Balaji Law College (BLC) and an Undergraduate and Graduate level college namely – Balaji College of Arts Commerce and Science (BCACS) and Balaji Junior College of Arts Commerce and Science (BJCACS). BLC, BCACS, and BJCACS are affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Prof. Dr. (Col). A. Balasubramanian is a powerhouse of energy and knowledge. From a young age,Prof. Dr. (Col). A. Balasubramanian understood the importance of education and was motivated to scale the mountains of knowledge. He joined the Indian Army as a Jawan and retired as a Subhedar after an eventful 29 years of service which saw him engaged in the famous 1965 and 1971 wars against Pakistan and the IPKF operations in Sri Lanka in 1991. During his time in the uniform, he acquired three post-graduate degrees with full honors and was later conferred with the honorary rank of ‘Colonel’ by the President of India after retiring from the Army. He started the Sri Balaji Society in the year 1999 drawing from his experiences gained by him after establishing and running the ‘Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) a management institution, currently a part of the prestigious Symbiosis University in Pune.

The four institutes of Sri Balaji University shifted to its present location in Tathwade, Pune in the year 2006 from three different locations in Pune after securing approval from AICTE for the management courses offered by its four institutions. The sprawling campus includes a large size hostel building with comfortable residential facilities for more than 600 students. Apart from tennis, badminton and basketball court the hostel building also houses a fully equipped gym and a swimming pool.Also there are many indoor games like table tennis , foosball , carrom and all hostel rooms have chess boards. The society has two auditoriums with 1000 plus capacity along with its spacious and IT-enabled classrooms, computer labs, reading rooms, conference rooms, and library facilities. Three messes are located on the campus along with a convenience store and a light refreshment and juice shop for catering to the food, stationery, and other necessary goods and product requirements of the students.

The first institution in the Sri Balaji Society: IIMM (Indian Institute of Modern Management) ( was started in the year 1999, within the campus premises of the Agrasen Maharaj High School located in Yerwada, Pune.

IIMM was offering PGDM certificates in Management education with optional specialization PGDM certificates in PGDM in Personnel Management and Human Resource Development (PM&HRD) and PGDM in Information Technology and Marketing (IT & Marketing).

The institute enjoys a stellar reputation in the corporate world through the quality and excellence displayed by its students and alumni in the industry. The name ‘IIMM’ was later changed into BIMM in the year 2005. The institute offers specialization courses in Marketing, IT and Marketing, Systems and PM&HRD (Personnel Management and Human Resource Development).

The second institution in the Sri Balaji Society: ICTM (Indian Centre for Telecom Management) ( was started in the year 2002 in a building located behind the Pune railway station.

This institution offers unique telecom and telecommunication courses related to the IT and technical infrastructure and systems related to management so that its students can be transformed into professionals ready to manage the technical side of business.

The institute was establishment keeping in mind the tremendous growth potential of the IT, ITES and other service industry in India. ICTM was rechristened into BITM in the year 2005.

The third institution in the society: ICIB (Indian Centre for International Business) ( was started in the year 2003 within the Agrasen Maharaj Campus.

The institute offers programs catering towards the development of its students into future ready international level individuals With courses catering towards the marketing, financial and international aspect of management the institute transforms its students into professionals, trained to control, manage and excel in companies working on the international level.

ICIB was rechristened into BIIB in the year 2005.

The fourth institution in the society: ICMHRD (Indian Centre for Management and Human Resources Development) ( was established in the year 2004 in the Brahma Estate building in Kondwa Kund in Pune.

The institute’s primary objective and mandate is to transform its students into industry ready corporate citizens, leaders, managers and entrepneurs.

The institute offers courses related to general management, marketing and finance and PM&HRD.

The institute enjoys a good name in the corporate world thanks to the efforts of its students into excelling in their respective fields in the industry.

The name ICMHRD was later changed into BIMHRD in the year 2005. The institute secured AICTE’s approval in the year 2007-08.

The society also includes three other institutions of excellence affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University. These institutions have the mandate of transforming and developing its students, enabling them to excel in their chosen fields of work in the years ahead. These three institutions were running in the Brahma estate building alongside IIMHRD until the year 2006 when they shifted location within the Tathwade campus. These three institutes shifted from the Tathwade campus to its new location located next to the Aundh Ravet BRTS road, late at the end of the year 2012.

Balaji Law College: The institution known as Balaji Law College ( was started in the year 2003. Balaji Law College stands firm with the four management institutes of Sri Balaji Society, poised to hone its students so that they wear not only the black gown of law but also the grey corporate suit of business, giving them an edge over their competition in the legal sector. Within a few years of its inception, Balaji Law College has successfully formed a place for itself in the legal education sector and has stood the test of time in creating a new breed of responsible, knowledgeable and well equipped law graduates willing to contribute to the legal fraternity, deliver and assist in the delivery of justice and be an asset not only to their company but also to the country.

Balaji College of Arts, Commerce and Science (BCACS) ( University education is the hallmark of excellence and the stepping stone of the future in the country. Started in the year 2003, BCACS’s mandate is to enable quality and excellence in the pedagogy and impartation of information and knowledge in the field of arts, commerce and science. The institution produces graduates who are trained to excel in their chosen field whether in the field of higher education or within their workplaces so that they raise the flag of quality and excellence by means of their work increasing the goodwill and the image of their institution.

Balaji Junior College of Arts, Commerce and Science (BCACS)( Functioning with the BCACS, The BJCACS has been established with an intent of helping its students into developing their fundamentals and honing their existing edge of information and knowledge so that they cross the border into university education from school level education by developing quality and excellence in their studies and work. Also started in the year 2003, the institute prepares its students to deliver their best in their chosen field of study so that they are able to develop excellence in their chosen field as they take the first step into the terrain of university level learning and education, improving their image and the image of their institution by means of the output displayed by them in their studies, play and work.

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