The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. We strive to make an eco-friendly campus. Mahindra First Choice took the initiative of planting 500 neem trees to maintain the ecological balance and spread greenery all over.

We focus on enhancing the communication and oratory skill in the student managers. A cluster of opinions and thoughts assemble in the auditorium which embeds lavish knowledge of the present-day world. Recently, New India Junction, a prominent news channel, organized an inter-institute debate competition on health reforms in India.

Student managers are the corporate leaders of the future. They should be aware of the current trend of the economy. ICICI direct provide them a platform to have deep insight into the stock market. StockMIND is an annual nationwide virtual stock market
competition. StockMIND’s real-world trading environment helps you sharpen your analytical, decision making and quick thinking skill. Student managers compete for the title of “Best Budding Investor” at the national level too.

DJ Party
A rigorous study is the part of our curriculum but we also offer amusement. Every month we organize a DJ party where all student managers (both seniors & juniors) interact and dance with full enthusiasm. This helps to reduce the stress and revive the
soul to inculcate new learnings.

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