Each student manager of Sri Balaji University, Pune is required to undergo a highly practical oriented Company Project Studies (CPS) for a duration of two months at the end of the first year of the course or as decided by the institute. The Project in question shall be directly relevant to the needs of the company. This can be undertaken in any good company in any part of the country. Companies may reward the student managers by offering them a ‘Pre-Placement Offer’ if they perform exceptionally well while working on the project for the company.

After conclusion of their first and second semesters in Sri Balaji University, student managers pursuing courses in the Marketing, PM & HRD, Telecom, Finance, International Business, Operations & Systems streams of management undertake their project work from 01 June to 30 July.

In addition to their project work, student managers are required to review at least two books of management and submit a book review report. They must also do a ‘Desk Research’ project with the same company where they had the internship.

Apart from their project work in the industry, student managers from the Marketing specialization are also expected to undertake a rural project study for a duration of two months in the fourth semester of their course preferably after their campus placement.